Men's factory is the longest operating gay club in Lithuania that proudly raised a few clubber generations. While in Vilnius city center, club location is chosen to be industrial area which creates an unique aura. Down to club, we installed contemporary audio and lightening systems, only here in Lithuania you could find an elevating stage. Need more fun? We placed a glass shower beside the bar so you could expect some picantic views while having a drink. Need more intimacy? Just book your VIP zone and enjoy your evening with friends - privatelly. But wait, there is more. Go downstairs and you're in a darkroom where tricky labirynth will guide you into new intimate experience. At Men's Factory you could hear, smell see and touch your fantasies and flow into heating party passion.

We care about your security, that's why we practice strict face control. Men's Factory always open for moody, energetic and tolerant people that enjoy life and seek for exeptional weekend. Got here with a car? No problem, you could place it at parking lot just beside the club.

Viva la passion!



Klientų saugumas ir pasitenkinimas - tai mūsų svarbiausia užduotis, todėl, rūpindamiesi Jūsų saugumu mes griežtai draudžiame klube naudoti žemiau išvardintas priemones.





At Men's Factory we think about each one of you, that's why we created private Lounge area at the core of the club. Find yourself elevated and comfy while having great party. Planning to visit us with friends or celebrate one's birthday? Lounge Zone is private and spacy enough to host your crowd and enjoy disco fun both at once.

If your heat is bigger than you don't keep it - go down to Darkroom, unique labyrinth full of unexpected sweet details and finally - erotic. You should be ready for anything happening in dimmed light. For serious stuff you will even find private rooms or open king sized bed.


Bathing complex Glamour - for everyone that seeks relaxation but don't mind to share their hot bodies with others. You will be pleased by every single bathing pleasures, including turkish and finish saunas, whirpool pool with waterfall, bar. Hot enough? Let's visit special darkroom and play with other boys. Or Darkroom toys. Indulge yourself with everchanging hot and cold sauna energy, devote to body passion.


Want to spend unforgettable night with your partner and confused, where? Here's an answer - Gay Penthouse Appartments just above Men's Factory! We are renting three luxury apartments all equiped with Wi-Fi, DVD, TV, mini Bars, Fridges, Conditioners, showers, hairdryers, Safe, and outside free parking.
To book call us 24/7 without any hesitation.

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